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Store Credit As Payment Method | Checkout with Store Balance OpenCart Extension Features:

With More then 800 Downloads, This extension have helped the store owners to provide the facility to there valuable customers to purchase products or services via store credit or purchase via other payment methods. It shows store credit as payment gateway and only deducts credit if a user selects "store credit" as gateway otherwise it won't always deduct credit as OpenCart do. It will remove automatic deduction and replace it with manual choice in payment methods. Payment Method is only shown if the user's credit is greater or equal to the cart total.

Opencart Mobile App Builder

Take Your Business to Next Level and Make a difference. Offer Mobile App to your customers so they can order from their Smartphones.

Our mobile app package contains Opencart Rest Api and Ionic Powered Mobile App Source. You can publish your Mobile Application On Android Google Play Store and Apple iOS App Store.

Hide cart button or Disable Add to Cart Opencart

More than 2300 Downloads this extension is the perfect solution if you want to hide/ diable add to cart button in your OpenCart Store. Disable / Hide Add to cart button for Opencart.

Product Serial Number Key Assign / Order fulfillmentProduct Serial Number Key Assign / Order fulfillmentProduct Serial Number Key Assign / Order fulfillment

Product Serial Key Assign , Order Product Serial Number Opencart Extension Features: Add Ordered Products Serial Number or shipping tracking number or any reference number. Your fulfillment partner or staff can assign serial numbers to ordered products. You can also define a list of serial numbers and when staff assign those serial numbers the pre-defined list gets updated. Create a role for fulfillment company or your staff adding serial number, to have restricted access. So staff can find order by order id, See the list of products in that order Can enter serial numbers for each product and save the order. Now in order details the serial numbers will show on admin and front-end both. This helps in tracking products sent to customer. Even each product can be tracked if it is returned or damaged. There is find order by serial number section in which staff can add serial number and find the relevant order. Check out the Admin Panel Demo at Product Serial Key Assign, Order Product Serial Number Extension Admin Demo

Options Available Quantity On Product Page Availability Status

Options Available Quantity On Product Page Availability Status Extension for OpenCart When user selects option (radio or select menu type options) , the quantity available for that option will show in product availability text . It can be set individually for products to use this behavior by enabling or disabling from product form. This extension adds an extra field in product form so you can turn on showing option quantity on and off. This extension adds behaviour to the product page so user if selects an option of type select menu or radio, the quantity of that option will update in product availability status text.

Custom Stock Availability Status Opencart 2 & 3

Want to show custom In stock status for each product separately ? Like "Ships in 2-3 Days" "Sent via UPS" With more then 750 Downloads, This extension is the powerhouse that will allow you to set a custom stock status for each product separately instead of opencart default fixed quantity or out of stock status. It will create an option in backend where you can select custom stock status for product. To create more stock statuses you need to go to store localization are and create "stock statuses". This extension also allows lengthy statuses of any length you want. So once you enter your custom stock status in localization it will appear in product back-end and you can select your desired status.

Attributes Template for Products Specifications OC 2 upto 3.1 x

Save Time in Data entry of products Create templates / list of attributes you use mostly and save them as template and then just on single click load it in attribute tab in product edit form instead of adding attribute one by one . You can create separate templates for your any category of products e.g Laptops have ram , harddisk and cpu attributes in common and you every time add these one by one in each new product you add. By creating a template for laptops you can just load template instead of adding attribute one by one.

DevTools One Click Opencart Installer

Do you need opencart fresh installations again and again for testing any thing? This plugin is actually a tool that you can place on your php XAMPP or any server online or local . This tool Do the following for you. 1. Creates DB 2. Unzip Installation Files 3. Setups the basic installation. 4. Allows you to remove installation along with DB in One Click 5. Allows you to refresh installation by just one click.

Product Options Templates Faster Data Entry

This Plugin will change the way you add options to products. You have a set of products that have same options entered every time you add a product? You have a category of products with similar option set entered in data entry process ? You have all products with similar option set? Okay here is the solution. Create a template of options and name it and save it. Now a select menu will show up in options tab , you can select that template and all options will be populated in the option tab and you can save the product now. This will replace adding option one by one and then adding option values one by one. You can have all pre defined settings in template like quantity , shipping requirement, additional pricing etc.

Custom Order | Order Payment Link | Custom Invoice

You may want to create order on customer behalf and ask for just payment. Applicable in following scenarios 1. Create Sales Order via phone and send customer link to pay the order. 2. Request a payment for any custom product 3. Request payment for any service provided to you customer. 4. Direct Request Payment from your customer.

Fancy HTML Product Attributes: Custom HTML in specification

Want some fancy attributes? Want to add HTML attribute names and text for each product separately. Want custom designed attribute names and text. This plugin allows entering HTML in attribute name and text.

Display Store Credit / Customer Balance | Opencart E-Wallet

It's a simple module to show customers balance or store credit on any layout or any page on the store. You can setup layout settings to show up on top, left, right and bottom on any layout. This will show up customers current balance.

Company Filter or Search Customers or Orders By Company Name

OPENCART EXTENSION: COMPANY FILTER OR SEARCH CUSTOMERS OR ORDERS BY COMPANY NAME: This plugin will add a filter to orders list and customers list. You can filter orders by the company name of the customer. You can filter customers by company name in the customers list. You can sort lists by company name. Also, it will show a company column in the orders list and customers list both.

Buy / Purchase Store Credit / Customer Balance | E-Wallet

Why You Need Buy / Purchase Store Credit / Customer Balance | E-Wallet OpenCart Extension: 1. Allow your customer to purchase store credit via payment gateway/checkout. 2. Purchase credit through checkout. 3. This module will show uplink in footer and account page to purchase credit. 4. User will go through a simple checkout process and upon successful order, the credit will be added. 5. Credit will be added to the account if the status of an order is according to your store settings for Complete Order.

Opencart Affiliate Coupon or promo code System

Create coupons that affiliates can distribute and earn commission, this can be offered to sales agents that get commission on products when customer uses that coupon for discount. This extension allows you to create and distribute coupons to affiliates and get more business. Customer gets discount and Affiliate gets his commission on order.

Option Images Opencart

Add Images with Options Option if selected the main Product image will be updated so customer can see the option image. Sell better with more interactive buying experience. This extension is made in default Opencart environment with default theme and no third party extension installed. Further development may be required to make it work in non default environment by an Opencart expert ( not included in plugin price ).

Attribute Presets | Pre defined attribute values | Opencart

This Plugin will help you manage data entry with no manual mistakes / errors. You can create a set of possible values for each attribute . Then during data entry of attributes in product form , you can select any one value from the select menu of all possible values you added . This helps reduce errors in spellings and specs entered. Also it will increase the speed of data entry as you don't have to type / enter specs every time. All you can do is select one value from existing possible values shown for each attribute in product form. You can delete / add / edit presets for any attribute by going to attribute edit form. This plugin has been tested on versions of opencart like opencart 2.3 x , Opencart 2.2 x Opencart 2.1x Opencart 2.0 x and Opencart 3 versions. We will provide you free of cost support and assistance in case of any issue. Currently this plugin is for single language , multi language version is coming soon.

Sub Category Image in Refine Search On Category Page

Show thumbnail images of sub categories on category page in refine search. Want to show Images with links of Child / sub Categories on Parent Category pages ? Want to show Images in refine search section on category page ? This plugin does this, shows images in refine search section of parent category page .

Full Width Page Content Fluid Container

Full Width pages on opencart default theme or any theme based on opencart default bootstrap theme. This will convert every page content to full width fluid grid .

Opencart Blog Module - Daily Blog Pro

This OpenCart Blog module is aimed to provide a strong and easy tool to create and post content that will help you sell better. You can post like WordPress and publish your articles, news and posts like any good blog out in the market. We are progressing and updating our product on a daily basis and we aim to add more and more features on a weekly basis. (Any features suggestions from the Users will be highly appreciated) This Blog will come with additional modules that will be integrated with OpenCart products and categories to allow you to sell your products via blog posts. The link of this blog with the OpenCart system makes it different from WordPress or any separate blog you use with OpenCart in subdirectory or subdomain. With some bundled modules you can show the blog articles on any other page of your OpenCart stores like product, category or search so it will make your blog integrated closely with the cart system.

Store Locations with Google Map Locations Opencart

Show Physical Store Locations via google Map. Add locations using google map search by text or by just drag and drop on google map. Dedicated Page with Google Map of All Locations.

Events Calendar with Google map Locations,Time & Map api

This Event Module is designed specifically to work with the latest OpenCart Version 2 x & 3 x This Event Module is designed in two parts or sub modules integrated with each other. These Sub Modules are a) Event Categories b) Events In Event Categories Module You have to define your own custom Event categories according to your Requirements In Event Module you have to create your required Event The Powerful features of this Event Extension for OpenCart 2 x & 3 x are: OpenCart 2 x Admin features: Admin can add/edit/remove categories- Admin can add/edit/remove events Events have the following date: title, date from/to, time from/to, address for the google maps, free html information field

Mautic Opencart Integration 2019

User registers on Opencart Opencart after creating user will connect with mautic and add contact if it doesn't exist. After adding contact to mautic, it will assign Segment to the contact in mautic based on Opencart mautic module settings

Opencart 3 Quotation System Product Quote

Get Quotation for product before actually placing Order. This module will add a Quote Button to your website and users can ask for quote and get quote like an order just without any payment . This is actually parallel cart system that opencart developed to place order. This gives customer an ease to get a quote . Corporate sector clients often need quote before placing order to get approved from company. We are open to ideas and improve this extension for including all business requirements in general. This extension has been tested with default theme . We are preparing for journal theme compatibility but its not sure right now if it works with journal or not.

Bank Audi E-Payments Gateway Opencart

Bank Audi Payment Gateway - Opencart Payment Gateway allows to process credit card payments online directly transferred into your bank account through the payment gateway. This gateway is intended for Online store owners based in Lebanon. They can receive payments in their bank accounts. Online Gateway for Lebanon based businesses .

Stock status text length extender Opencart 2x

Want to add more than 32 character long product stock status / availability text ? By default opencart has 32 character limit for opencart stock status for products . This plugin / extension allows to add more than 32 characters upto 255 characters as stock status. This extension works independent of theme, so it will work with every theme.

Search Product By Model Opencart

This ocmod extension will append product's model in product name in admin autocomplete list.

Scroll To Top Button for every store

scrolling large pages and getting back to top is the very difficult in mobile devices or even for long pages on desktop. There is a Javascript based solution that scrolls the page to the top for user on just one click. You can use this extension to show an Image of Arrow when user scrolls, the image if clicked takes user to the top. We have coded it to be shown in a user friendly way and moreover we put control in your hands. You can control size of Arrow, image of arrow and its display on mobile , tablet and desktop . Tested with Opencart 2 and Opencart 3 versions.

Remove Wish list Button & wishlist links Opencart 2 x

Don't want wishlist function on your site ? Don't like wish list feature ? Want to remove wishlist buttons and links from front end? This ocmod extension will remove wish list button from product box , product page , top menu , accounts page and accounts module

Remove Menu Opencart 2 x

Remove Main menu from opencart 2 x versions. Best for those selling uncategorized products.

Remove Compare Button and Feature Opencart 2 x

Don't want the compare feature on your opencart 2.x version store? Don't have products that can be compared ? Don't want user see compare button in product box and product page ? We have the solution. This module removes compare button from product box and product page all over the site. This plugin is coded according to opencart Standards and it doesn't modify any opencart core file.

Quotation System, Ask For Quote, Get Quote

Its a common case that customer / client needs a quote / quotation before actually placing an order. This plugin integrates Quotation System in Opencart. Following are the features. Customer can add products to quote list and generate quote without paying. He gets an email of quote. Also History of Quotes and Details is also saved in his account. Admin can view Quote. Admin can edit and apply discount on quote . Email will be sent to user with discounted rate. User can see pay now link in email. User can convert Quote to order and pay .

Products Responsive Slider Opencart 2 x Slippry

This is Opencart products slider or product carousal plugin that helps you set products in backend like featured products module. And it shows the products image, short description and buy / learn more link to product page. With this plugin you can set as many as you want products slideshow on any page of opencart . User's can scroll between products and have a look at your products . Features 1. Unlimited Products 2. Set limit of products to be shown as well. 3. Set image size of products 4. Auto loop control. 5. Set it on any layout of opencart like other standard modules. 6. Responsive 7. Compatible with any theme. 8. Set name / heading of module of your own choice.

Product Bundle Buy one get others free

Does your product comes in bundle with some other items ? You want to offer a bundle of some products you sell. You want to offer buy x product and get 2 items of y product plus 3 items of z product. Buy Mobile and get 2 x screen protector free. This extension allow to add custom quantity of each product to bundle Bundle will show in cart info, cart page, checkout and even in order mail and details . Its advised to install safely by either in test Environment or Take Backup to avoid any deadlock or unexpected situation.

Owl Slideshow with Text in Pagination

Owl Slideshow with tabs and text in pagination. This plugin is based on the default slideshow plugin that comes by default . This plugin replaces default pagination bubbles / dots with text entered as title in images (banner settings). And it shows tabbed view That gives an elegant look. Text in owl carousal pagination is the trick done.

Product Options Price in label / product box

This plugin will show options and their prices with products price on category, home, search anywhere product boxes are shown.

Order Invoice PDF Mail Attachment Opencart

Want to send pdf as attachment with order mail to customer? Your customer want to print his order ? This extension sends orders pdf as attachment with mail being sent. PDF to HTML mail pdf order attachment

News module for opencart 2 x

Its simple Blog / News Module Features 1.SEO Url for each news / post 2. OCMOD Standard plugin no need to install vqmod anymore. 3. Fast and simple. 4. Can show news/posts section on any page 5. Single News Details Page / post page 6. News List Page / posts list page 7. Tested on Latest Opencart 2.2 release.

Opencart 2 Universal Product Import Pro

This extension is inspired by Microsoft Dynamics Crm Import . You can import any type of csv file with any sort of column names and data from any platform . This Plugin allows you to map Columns with Opencart Product fields manually. After you upload the file it will show the columns your file have and a mapping form . After you have mapped you can start import and have all products imported.

Delete Unused Options

ou can optimize database through deleting unused options with our new extension (Delete Unused optioons). Optimize and cleanup your opencart with our complete range of extensions. You can delete unused options on one click. Usually you create options, when the products are deleted then those options are still present there. You can delete those options which are not associated with any product deleted on one click and optimize your opencart. We show the statics of Inactive options in our (Delete Unused Options) Module.

Delete Unused Attributes and Attribute Groups

You can optimize database through deleting unused attributes and attribute groups with our new extension (Delete Unused Attributes and Attribute Groups). Optimize and cleanup your opencart with our complete range of extensions. You can delete unused attributes and attribute groups on one click. Usually you create attributes and attribute groups, when the products are deleted then those attributes and attribute groups are still present there. You can delete those attributes and attribute groups which are not associated with any product on deleted on one click and optimize your opencart. We show the statics of Inactive Attributes and Inactive attribute groups in our (Delete Unused Attributes and Attribute groups) Module.

Delete Cached Images

You can optimize Opencart through deleting cached images with our new extension (Delete Cached Images). Optimize and cleanup your opencart with our complete range of extensions. You can delete cached images on one click. When you refresh your opencart they will create cache images in cache folder. You can delete those images which are present in cache folder deleted on one click and optimize your opencart. We show the statics of Cached Images in our (Delete Cached Images) Module.

Category Attribute Template

As we are working on Opencart 2x and Opencart 3x version of this extension here at Opencart 2 and 3 x supported Version With the help of this extension the user can load the attributes associated with a category in the product entry form and then can enter the values instead of selecting each attribute one by one. Using this extension you can associate a list of attributes to a category for example for laptops you always enter "harddisk", "ram","screensize" so you can save these attributes in category and whenever user/dataentry worker enters a product of such category instead of adding these attribute names one by one he can select "attribute template" associated with the category i.e laptops (an example) and just enter the specs in the product form.

Ajax Update Stock or Auto Stock Update Opencart

Update Stock status in real time. Don't want to leave customers frustrated ? Problem / Issue When customers A added product to cart it was available at the moment, when he was on checkout page the product was sold to customer B surfing the web somewhere else so the order went through and he assumed to have bought the product but it was actually already sold. Solution: This plugin will automatically update the stock in real time when user tries to place order on both checkout and cart page and anywhere during user is browsing site. How it works 1. It checks if user's desired quantity is still available if not it removes product form cart. 2. It checks if user's desired product options' quantity is available if not it removes product with that specific option. 3 If demanded quantity is greater than available it update's user's cart quantity to least available quantity. Example You have product A quantity 10 in store user orders 10 quantity of Product A before he places order someone else bought it and real time quantity in db was now 9. Now this plugin will automatically reduce user's cart quantity to 9. In case all of the quantity was sold it will remove the product entirely.

Customer login reports and graph on dashboard

Wants report on how many of your customers login to your site daily ? Compare daily counts of customers, months and year option filter .