Partnership Programs

If you want to get ahead, go jointly. Understanding this, iExtend Labs believes in the values of partnership and is always interested in any opportunities to create connections with like-minded individuals and organizations.

Discuss projects and get your percentage upto 30% on project total. Get Quote or Discuss Project at

Partnership Options for Accelerated Innovation & Growth

  • Joint-Venture Partnership

    By joining hands with iExtend Labs, you can expect access to new markets with increased capacity and shared elements of risks & costs. With our experienced & sound technical resources combined with your domain expertise, we can develop your idea into a viable product geared towards long-term success with a significant competitive advantage

  • Extended Technical Alliance

    If you already own client relationships and operate your own IT/consulting organization, we create a perfect win-win opportunity for you.

  • Business Association Alliance

    For companies and individuals willing to have full transparency with their clients, here is your chance to leverage our technology synergy and scale up with added revenue for yourself. Whether you are from the same industry as us or not, your benefit is a percentage of the profit earned from the technology solutions we provide to your customers.