iExtend Labs Reliable Partner for Software Houses and Consultants

Since 2012, we have a history of providing B2B services to designers, consultants and software development companies. We are proud that we have provided B2B services for highly customized and extensive projects for the software houses and we have been an integral part of their remote development team.

We always believe that working for other Software Houses, designers and consultants, don’t only provide us the opportunities to have more work, but it also provide us the opportunities to work on different technologies based highly extensive projects based on the requirements of the end consumers.

We provide our B2B services to software houses and Consultants on fixed Costs as well as hourly contracts based on the requirements, where requirements are locked we can provide services on fixed costs, on the other hand if we do not have locked requirements then we prefer to provide B2B services with hourly contracts.
The hourly contacts rates are discussed and agreed on at the time of agreement, in consideration of the expected work volume

  • No repeated communication
  • One Person Contact for discussion and updates.
  • The whole team is on board related to the discussion with one person
    • The process of on boarding the team, will not affect the client as it will be done internally.
  • Daily Scrum meetings with the client.
  • For technical discussions, the client has access to the developer and solution architect.
  • The overall effect of all the above operations in terms of costs will be minimal, because we are located in a low-cost geographic region.
  • One-Stop-Shop for all your needs
  • Our service delivery with software houses has matured over years.
  • Scalable and no fixed costs to you as there is no hiring process required at your end.
  • Developers leaving/ joining will not affect you and you can focus on business development. We have a matured process and the developer’s transition will not have any effect on you.
  • We have a training process for the developer, which is matured over the years.

You have no fixed liability, we increase and decrease resources based on your requirements and work volume, and you are charged for your required resource only. So you have no monthly fixed liability.
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