Refund Policy

You can ask for full refund in following case.

  • You are not satisfied with our product’s performance.
  • In case you can’t install the product or your server environment doesn’t support.
  • Our product is incompatible.
  • Not more than 30 days have passed from date of purchase.
  • We are unable to understand or respond to your problem.

You can ask for full partial refund i.e 50% of amount paid in following case.

  • More than 30 days has been passed.
  • You have choose to not use our plugin in future.
  • We offered premium support for plugin compatibility you can’t afford.

Use our Helpdesk

You can use our Helpdesk Support System to communicate and follow Issues in the best way it could be. Click here

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  • Email: support@localhost
  • Skype: saqib466663