User Experience is highly effected by the page load time of a website.  If you are Opencart store owner you must take notice of your website load time.
It affects in following ways.

  1. Higher Hosting Costs.
  2. Lower Search Engine Ratings.
  3. Poor Visitors Experience.

We are going to help you find out the page load time of your website and how to get a report on your Opencart website speed.

1.  Pingdom Tools

This is a free service that allows you to enter your website address and it will generate a complete report of your website speed.

So start by adding your url and selecting a server. Sometimes server is busy so you can choose an other location server if pingdom tells you to wait and you don’t want to wait.
So after processing your website it will give you a summary that will look like below.

It gives you a comparison as well and a relative grading of speed of your Opencart website.

Most Important things to note are:

  • Load time
  • Page size
  • Requests

Further if you scroll it gives you grading of other factors that effect speed of website.

The next important thing in the report is “Requests”

How Page Load time is calculated?

Note the first Request row, it includes your website url and shows some yellow strips with time in seconds in the column heading.

The first column is “File” its actually url of a resource downloaded by your website.

Next column is “Size” its descriptive in itself , next column is actually time taken by resource to download.
This bar is divided into seconds of total time taken to load the page.

Server Request Processing Time

So First Request is the html page request sent to server and processed by server and first response given.
This time in Yellow color is time taken by your server to process the server side resources “php,mysql” and output the page.
Rest of the requests are sent by browser to load the requests in this page.  Each request start either at the same time or starts after one request is complete , all these requests complete and it sums up as Page load time.

2. GT Matrix

This service is similar to previous but it gives you more detailed analysis and give you recommendations to speed up site yourself.

Below is a sample Summary and Relative Score of website.

Get the Recommendations to make your Opencart Speed faster

The better side of this website is it gives you recommendation .

Great feature of GtMetrix 

Get the solution to optimize your opencart website

The best feature is gtmetrix provides you solution to make your website speed fast.

For example it provides you optimized files that you can replace on your server with the files you have.
It provides css,js and images optimized versions that you can download through links and replace with existing on your server.

With all the info you have now you can  Test your Opencart website and Optimize Opencart store a little yourself.

However there are a number of recommendations mentioned in these tests that need professional experience to implement.
iExtend Labs provides Opencart Optimization Services.
We will work on all the recommendations plus our team will speed up the server processing by working on Opencart framework to make the first request processed quickly.
Contact us at for details or quickly place an order at fiverr.



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