This was added to plan a long term ago. Finally we achieved the target by deploying first Application at a Museum Store.

Case Study

Our client sells products at physical store and online both.  They have limited quantity of products and most of them are highly in demand.
Customer walks in and buy the products from Museum Store and sometimes order online at their Opencart Based website.

At Physical Point of sale Quickbooks Point Of Sale is installed for invoicing.

For Online Store Opencart is being used.

Problem Statement

Both of the softwares Quickbooks and Opencart maintain separate database and hence the inventory is separate. Both of them are updated manually and it takes time and effort on daily basis . Still the inventory is not sync.

Order are sometimes placed and real quantity in warehouse is not equal to one in opencart db. This is because all of the sudden items in warehouse got sold via Quick Books Point of sale.
Similarly it happens that an order is placed and ready to ship at the same time a sale occurs in physical store and there is a mess created.


We have developed Opencart Plugin and A Desktop Based Application that sync both db’s.

How It Works

Our Quickbooks Sync Application will be installed on pc running Quickbooks POS and a plugin will be installed in Opencart store.

Application will sync based on interval set by system admin. All of the orders placed in that interval on QB POS will be parsed and quantity of the products sold will be sent to Opencart plugin .
Opencart plugin will parse the list and subtract respective quantities of each product in opencart database.

At the same time Opencart plugin will parse orders and create a list of quantities of products sold and send it to Quickbook Sync Application.
Quickbook Sync App. will parse the quantities and subtract them from products in Quickbooks Database.

So In this way both of the db’s would sync .
Plus this way you can keep different or same quantities on sale at online and physical store. As sync application will subtract sold quantities across QB and Opencart.



Whats in the Box ?

Deliverable would be A Desktop Application and an Opencart Plugin. Both of these will be independent no subscription or third-party involved.

Ask For Quote 

Send Us Email at support@localhost and we will get back to you within 12 hours.


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