Shopify captured the market rapidly and the best of Shopify is its Ecosystem and hosted store.
Many of clientโ€™s donโ€™t want to go into hassle of development and hosting a solution for their online selling business and hence shopify captured the market full of such people.
Currently Shopify stands at Number 3 with Magento at top according to stats.

Opencart launched its Cloud Hosted Service this month. Now clients can just create a store by registering with and with a few clicks in Cloud Store section.
Here is the demo of Cloud Version Of Opencart

Demo Of Opencart Cloud

Front End:
Admin End:
Admin User: XxKwnTUe
Admin Password: NQ?eQWruu6


Cloud Store trials will last for 28 days from the day this post is published.

Its beta version installed and it is not stable as on the login and onward you will see an error in header.

Features Of Opencart Cloud

It is almost Identical and same installation that Opencart provides in downloads for self hosted solution.
Paypal Recommended and Easy Configuration.

Opencart Recommends Paypal and provides a quick configure interface for Connecting store with paypal to receive paypal payments.

Opencart MarketPlace Extensions

Instead Of direct extension upload, Opencart provides you marketplace area to select and directly install the extension on your cloud store without downloading and uploading manually.
Note: Currently there are no extensions appearing in marketplace.

Statistics Section

A new section named statistics is included in this version that gives reports of following . With a Refresh button to fetch latest stats.

  1. Order Sales
  2. Orders Processing
  3. Orders Complete
  4. Orders Other
  5. Returns
  6. Out of stock products
  7. Pending Reviews


Note: Cloud Store trials will last for 28 days.

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