In the Previous post we discovered and learned the default behavior and functionality in Opencart for Store Credit and Customer Balance.

Now this post is related to:

  1. Enhancing Store Credit Functionality.
  2. Giving customer more control.
  3. Converting Store Credit Function into complete Wallet.
  4. Displaying Current Balance Anywhere or Account Page.

A common requirement is altering the default behavior.

Default Behavior is :

  1. Admin can only fill / top up / add customer balance or store credit.
  2. Store credit is automatically deducted.
  3. Customer can not purchase store credit.

So Requirements can be:

  1. Allow customer to add store credit to his account.
  2. Choose whether to purchase product with store credit or not.
  3. Customer can easily see his current balance after login.
  4. Convert store credit to complete wallet.

As you might know we develop Opencart Plugins and we have more than 35 plugins in opencart marketplace.

We have converted the store credit function to complete wallet through our extensions and these are available at Official Opencart Marketplace.

All these requirements have been covered by three extensions.

1. Purchase / top up / Add Store Credit Extension.

This extension allow user to add store credit by placing an order.

How it works:

  1. User will see a link in account page to “Purchase Store Credit”.
  2. As he clicks he will be taken to a page where he can fill up amount to add.
  3. Now as he proceeds with submit button he will be taken to cart page.
  4. He can now checkout like other orders.
  5. In payment method he can select any payment method.
  6. Once order is marked complete.
  7. Amount will be transferred to user account as store credit.

2. Store Credit as optional Payment Method.

This extension gives customer control over his store credit by removing automatic deduction of store credit by default Opencart. He can select store credit as payment option.

How it works:

  1. It will appear as payment gateway in payments in admin panel
  2. Admin can set it enable disable,
  3. Admin can select zones to display store credit payment method.
  4. Admin can select what status will apply to successful order.
  5. It will remove automatic store credit deduction in cart.
  6. User will see store credit as payment method during checkout with other methods.
  7. User can select “Store credit” as payment method.
  8. User can select other payment method as well and his store credit will not be deducted in this case.
  9. User have the power to checkout using store credit or other payment methods.
  10. If he uses store credit his order status will be set according to settings of Store Credit Gateway.

3. Show / Display Store Credit or Customer Current Balance

This extension will create a module in admin panel and admin can set it in any layout like banner or slideshow.

How it works

  1. Admin can select layout and show credit module and set it on top, left, bottom or right.
  2. Admin can enable disable for any layout.
  3. Admin can set it to display on any page.
  4. It will show customer balance when customer is logged In.

All of the extensions are well described in the video.

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