Magento may be the first word you have heard from any professional for online selling. Its a good advise if someone said magento at first.
How about Opencart? for many people Magento is the best option for online selling if you go for self hosted software for your online business.

What I Recommend and Why?
People ask me for the advise and during my 7 years career I have always been promoting Opencart so I tell them about Magento and Opencart both.

So its more about the use rather than being the best. I believe that if you have experienced developer or company hired for your online store setup there are no limits on both platforms.

Budget Can Help You decide.
So don’t be afraid to go for Magento or opencart it won’t prove wrong unless your budget is tight.
Yes Budget is the Key, when I support Opencart.
I strongly recommend Opencart for Small to medium businesses and even large. If you have a very limited budget and want to get all of your requirements integrated at relatively lower costs Opencart is better option.

Magento and opencart both have a background and used by a larger community. Both of these are based on PHP and require almost same hosting to run.
So infrastructure is same however due to simplicity and less complex architecture Opencart is a preferred choice for developers when referring their clients.

Maintenance and Customization  
Opencart has cheap support and bigger low cost developer community , you can get plugins at very low costs starting from 10$ and these plugins can be an answer to your requirements if you search smartly.
There is huge marketplace and a number of developers working on plugins and solving problems and providing solutions as a plugin to all of the community.

So in short if you have a limited budget and are in startup phase you can get all of your requirements integrated and can maintain your store with lower costs.

Quality Comes with Developers

If you belong to a well settled corporation and want to go with highest quality product and have the money to pay and maintain your store , work with a certified Magento Specialist and get a high standard coded application.
But if you want a low cost maintenance and initial low cost setup Opencart can be best choice.

Quality in both cases depends upon which developer you choose, there is no Opencart certification right now like Magento but still companies are there with alot of experience and professional Opencart developers.

Survey Details From Smashing Magazine About Magento.

iExtend Labs Opencart Development Dedicated Services

Our Company iExtend Labs is specifically working on opencart and we have professional team lead with more than 5 years experience of Opencart.

Opencart Extensions Expert
We have 35+ Opencart plugins in marketplace from last 3 years we have a growing number of clients and downloads.

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