Wallet ? Customer Balance Keeping ? Store Credit ?

How does Customer Store Credit / Balance works in Opencart ?

Yes, there is partial setup by default in Opencart to use and maintain Customer Store Credit Balance and allow him to purchase products using that store credit or you can call it customer balance.

In opencart “Store credit” is used for wallet functionality.
Its settings can be found in admin.
1. Go to left sidebar menu.
2. Find Extensions on its drop down click Extensions.
3. Now Open up the filter and select the last option that is “Order Totals”

Well there is nothing more than just enable disable and sorting when you edit it.

How to Topup or add store credit in customer account?

You can fill / topup  / add store credit in customer account from admin panel following these steps.

  1. Go to admin panel.
  2. In the left sidebar menu find “Customers” section.
  3. Click First Item in the list “Customers”.
  4. Now in the customer list click any customer you want to load store credit for.
  5. Open Transaction tab
  6. Now in the bottom menu you can add description and amount.
  7. This will topup customer account with that amount as store credit.



Now If customer logs in to store. He can notice a Negative Amount in cart by default .

And also in transactions he can see the details and his credit in total.

How customer can use Store Credit for purchases and order?

Now if customer buys something it will be automatically deducted from his cart total.
There are two conditions when he purchase something with having some customer balance.

  1. Cart total is less than or equal to Store credit or his balance.
    1. He will not be shown payment method on checkout.
    2. Amount will be deducted from his balance.
  2. Cart total is greater than store credit
    1. He will be shown payment methods.
    2. Order total will be only amount greater than store credit
    3. Store credit will be totally deducted and user will pay the rest of amount.

Next Questions in Part 2 of this post.

  1. Can customer top up or add his balance / store credit on his own using payment method?
  2. How customer can top up or add store credit balance ?
  3. Can customer choose to use store credit or other payment method?
  4. Can we show customer store credit balance or his wallet balance in account or anywhere else?

These Questions are answered in the Second part of this article.

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